Ligwomi Cult: A Facilitator of the Socio-Cultural Development of Igbo Imabana in Cross River State, Nigeria

  • GI Emeng
Keywords: Ligwomi Cult, Socio-cultural, Development, Beliefs, Socialization


Ligwomi cult practiced among Igbo Imabana people of Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State is unlike other cults whose activities are regarded as nefarious. This cult has great socio-cultural significance and has brought some remarkable development in Igbo Imabana. We are poised to investigate such significant development and outline elements of such effort of the cult in Igbo Imabana community. Unlike other cults, Ligwomi takes territorial defence as its first priority, thus war emergencies are handled with alacrity. For this reason, all males of the community are enrolled and trained. The cult beliefs in cult/religious tolerance. Its social activities promotes social ties and cohesion among the people. The people are reconnected through the cults entertainment. Contrary to some opinions we propose that Ligwomi Cult is useful to the people given its proper place in the society.

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eISSN: 1119-443X