Integrating peace education curriculum into the formal primary school curricular

  • EU Apebende
  • ABE Ifere
  • O Osam


An un-conducive environment can never encourage any worthwhile development. Wars, riots and all types of violent situations can cause untold hardship, separation and death of members of families in many communities and nations. In this 21st Century, all round the world people are seeking for peace. Peace is needed for development, for better living condition, and for better laying of foundation of things for the future generation. In order to establish peace in our domain, this study discusses peace education and how it can be integrated into some subject areas, specifically social studies, religious studies, and moral instruction. Through these peace education can be taught vigorously, through practical procedures and encouraging pupils to form acceptable habits of tolerance and appreciate one another’s culture and religious practices. To discuss this effectively the study discusses it in the following sub-headings. The concept of peace education, aims of peace education, suggested curriculum content of peace education, modes of inclusion of peace education in the primary school curricular and suggested strategies for teaching peace education. It was concluded that since peace is so important, it is advisable to start introducing it into our children through the study of peace education in our primary schools.

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