A justification of labour agitation in Marx

  • JA Okon


Labor agitations seem so recurrent a phenomenon that it could possibly be misconstrued not only as a demonstration of the laborers anti government posture but also as the laborers avaricious insensitivity calculated against the wellbeing of the state. There is no gain saying the obvious implications of such misconstrued social consciousness portend no minor danger to the society itself. And this necessitates this justificatory effort. This paper therefore attempts to show that laborers agitation for better conditions of service is neither a demonstration of anti government posture nor an attempt to frustrate the state but a genuine desire for the conditions of social relations that ennoble the human person and enhance common advantage. For the foundations to this justification, the paper explores the relations of Karl Marx’s idea of human nature to his ideal state.

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eISSN: 1119-443X