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Vol 49 (2016) The language scripts of pre-school children and of the language intervention volunteer: Mismatched discourses? Abstract   PDF
Frenette Southwood, Eden D'Oliveira
Vol 53 (2017) The loyalty of the literary reviser: Author, source text, target text or reader? Abstract   PDF
Ilse Feinauer, Amanda Lourens
Vol 15 (1989) The metaphysics market - billing language as behavioural Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 14 (1989) The metaphysics market - Merchandising language as matter Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 19 (1991) The metaphysics market - pushing language as platonic (not to mention popperian) Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 17 (1991) The metaphysics market - selling language as soul Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 20 (1991) The metaphysics market - stocking language as something social Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 50 (2016) The mosaic evolution of Left Dislocation in Xhosa Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason, Marianna W. Visser
Vol 43 (2014) The multiple possibilities of interpretation in products of bilingual writing: André Brink’s Praying Mantis and Bidsprinkaan as a total text1 Abstract   PDF
L de Roubaix
Vol 12 (1989) The new SPIL logo: A face for the future Abstract   PDF
R P Botha, C le Roux, M Sinclair, W Winckler
Vol 52 (2017) The perfective and imperfective aspects in Xhosa Abstract   PDF
Stefan Savić
Vol 22 (1992) The Political Situation As A Factor In Shift And Maintenance Of The Telugu Language In South Africa (A Sociolinguistic Study) Abstract   PDF
V Prabhakaran
Vol 12 (1989) The portraits of Simon van der Stel, first governor of the Cape Abstract   PDF
J B Bedaux
Vol 26 (1996) The practical implications for writers, publishers, and policy-makers of the various policy options on the medium of instruction in future South African schools Abstract   PDF
K McCallum
Vol 42 (2013) The Pragmatic Markers Anyway, Okay, and Shame: A South African English Corpus Study Abstract   PDF
K Huddlestone, M Fairhurst
Vol 49 (2016) The presence of a patient’s voice in the care process: Implications for patient-centeredness Abstract   PDF
Konosoang Sobane, Mmakotsedi Magampa
Vol 21 (1992) The Problem Of Ethnocentric Bias In Speech Act Studies: Implications For Language Teaching Abstract   PDF
C le Roux
Vol 21 (1992) The Problem Of Non-Standard Utterances Used By Speakers Of English As a Second Language At Tertiary Level Abstract
R Granger
Vol 22 (1992) The relevance of linguistic theories in the analysis of literary texts Abstract   PDF
JT von Gruenewaldt
Vol 21 (1992) The Relevance Of Speech Act Theory For Research On The Acquisition Of Pragmatic Competence By Second Language Learners Abstract   PDF
C Anthonissen
Vol 46 (2015) The representation of sex workers in South African media: Danger, morals and human rights Abstract   PDF
Sally Hunt, Beatrice Hubbard
Vol 21 (1992) The Rhetorics of Audience Consciousness: A Dialogic Approach to Reading Donne in Zululand Abstract   PDF
M Hooper
Vol 37 (2009) The risks of sociolinguistic crossing and cross-overs: A retrospective from apartheid South Africa Abstract   PDF
R Mesthrie
Vol 38 (2009) The role of foreign and indigenous languages in primary schools: The case of Kenya Abstract   PDF
NO Ogechi
Vol 44 (2014) The sequence and productivity of Setswana verbal suffixes Abstract   PDF
R Pretorius
Vol 35 (2007) The setting of the Split-IP parameter in Afrikaans: Evidence from transitive expletive constructions and object shift constructions Abstract   PDF
S Conradie
Vol 52 (2017) The subjective use of postural verb in Afrikaans (I): evolution from progressive to modal Abstract   PDF
Adri Breed
Vol 52 (2017) The subjective use of postural verbs in Afrikaans (II): a corpus analysis of CPV en in Zefrikaans Abstract   PDF
Adri Breed
Vol 31 (2002) The testability of prominent hypotheses on access to universal grammar in adult SLA Abstract   PDF
F Southwood
Vol 22 (1992) The Theologian’s Search For "Meaning": Restraint Or Liberation Of The Creative Spirit? Abstract   PDF
G Snyman
Vol 40 (2010) The Use of Discourse Markers by Afrikaans-Speaking Preschoolers with and without Specific Language Impairment Abstract   PDF
F Southwood, M Carinus, S Engelbrecht
Vol 48 (2015) The uses of some as determiner in BSAfE Abstract   PDF
Yolande Botha
Vol 31 (2002) The variability of interlanguage use Abstract   PDF
Y Kilian
Vol 25 (1994) The world of language - its behavioural belt Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 27 (1995) The world of language - its capacities stratum Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 28 (1995) The world of language - its codelike core Abstract   PDF
RP Botha
Vol 24 (1994) The world of language - its crust Abstract
RP Botha
Vol 30 (1999) The writer's voice: Exploiting oral discourse strategies in the teaching of second language literacy Abstract   PDF
JT von Gruenewaldt
Vol 21 (1992) Theoretical Syntax In Second Language Acquisition Research And In Second Language Classroom Research Abstract   PDF
M Visser
Vol 50 (2016) To resume or not to resume: Some remarks on ‘resumption’ in left dislocation constructions in Polish, and its relevance for Biblical Hebrew Abstract   PDF
Alexander Andrason
Vol 41 (2012) To Use or Not To Use Teenage Afrikaans in HIV Prevention Messages Directed At Afrikaans Teenagers in Pretoria Abstract   PDF
E Saal
Vol 34 (2006) Towards a definition of "communication policy", "language policy", and "language planning" Abstract   PDF
H Bergenholtz
Vol 49 (2016) Towards a democratisation of new media spaces in multilingual/multicultural Africa: A heteroglossic account of multilocal and multivoiced counter-hegemonic discourses in Zambian online news media Abstract   PDF
Felix Banda
Vol 49 (2016) Towards a pragmatics of non-fictional narrative truth: Gricean and relevance-theoretic perspectives Abstract   PDF
Robyn Berghoff, Kate Huddlestone
Vol 40 (2010) Towards an Integrated Approach o Cohesion and Coherence in Interlingual Subtitling Abstract   PDF
KS Mubenga
Vol 30 (1999) Transfer from LI to l2 : A study of parameter values in the Afrikaans of a child l2 learner Abstract   PDF
C le Roux, C Wilsenach
Vol 34 (2006) Transitivity and the narrator's role in selected TRC testimonies Abstract   PDF
Z Bock, P Duncan
Vol 42 (2013) Translanguaging in kasi-taal: Rethinking Old Language Boundaries for New Language Planning Abstract   PDF
L Makalela
Vol 22 (1992) Translating Culture-Bound Words: A Problem In Bilingual Lexicography Abstract   PDF
M Smit
Vol 33 (2006) Translating metaphors into Afrikaans in a source language-oriented translation of the Hebrew Bible Abstract   PDF
CHJ van der Merwe, E Hendriks
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