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Panel and planar experimental shear behavior of wood panels laminated softwood oriented OSB conditioned at different environments

Abbes Remadnia
Bachir Redjel
Myriam Chapelain


Panel shear strength along the thickness and planar shear along the length of wood panels laminated softwood oriented OSB 10 mm thick, conditioned at different moisture contents (anhydrous medium, ambient temperature and humid medium) was measured on standardized test specimens, cut in half lengthwise panel (L) and half in the perpendicular or transversal direction (T) using two different experimental devices. The measurement results are characterized by a scatter characteristic of these fibrous materials. The cutting direction has little effect on the shear strength which shows an increase with increase in moisture content up to an optimum moisture at ambient temperature to decrease thereafter. Specimens conditioned at ambient moisture showed highest shear strength and moisture saturated specimens are less resistant toward the shear in both cases treated. The ratio between the two is about 2. In addition, the planar shear strength is very large compared to that measured in the case of panel shear for different environments.

Keywords : oriented strand board – panel shear strength- planar shear strength - environment – moisture content