Improvement of the characteristics of the bituminous concrete employed for the waterproofness of dams by the filler Bouhnifia dam (Algeria)

  • Zoulikha Bounaadja
  • Lakhdar Djemili
  • Mouhamed Mansour Chiblak
Keywords: Dam, Waterproofness, Bituminous concrete, Filler Stability


Bituminous concrete masks have historically been a real solution to the sealing organ of the dams and other hydraulic works, given the mechanical and hydraulic qualities of the material. The continuous progress in the design and construction of the masks of this type led us to carry out a study of its characteristics. A study in this direction to verify the resistance of the bituminous concrete mask from Bouhnifia dam to the solar effects shows that this mask can withstand these effects without the need for the thermal protection layer. In this work and to improve the characteristics of bituminous concrete, we studied the mechanical and physical characteristics of bitumen and stability on the slope. To do this, the percentage of filler in the mixture must be changed. Then samples must be prepared in the laboratory and tested. This study shows that the improvement of bituminous concrete with appropriate amounts of filler reduces the volume of vacuums; make the mixture denser and impermeable. However, excessive amounts of filler will significantly increase bitumen demand due to increased specific surface area, decrease creep, and increase percentages of imbibition and swelling.

Keywords: Dam, Waterproofness, Bituminous concrete, Filler Stability


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eISSN: 2352-9717
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