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Abdominal pregnancy discovered during laparotomy for complications after attempted abortion

Djongali Tchonchimbo Salathiel, Zapayeke Anicet, Gabkika Bray Madoue, Mahamat Pierre, Hissein Adenao Mahamat


We report a case of abdominal pregnancy with a dead foetus of 19 gestational weeks and 3 days discovered incidentally during a laparotomy following complications of attempted abortion. Abdominal pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy (1% of all ectopic pregnancies) usually diagnosed by ultrasound. In this case, a hysterectomy was performed after discovery of uterine perforation, followed by a complete, easy, and  nonhemorrhagic detachment. The foetus and membrane were discovered during abdominal toilet. The  postoperative course was marked by the formation of a small hematoma at the site of the foetus and  membrane implantation which required removal. The patient was released on the 11th postoperative day.

KEY WORDS: abdominal pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, abortion

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