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Inhaled foreign body mismanaged as TB, finally removed using a rigid bronchoscopy after 6 years of impaction

Justin Rubena Lumaya, Mubarak Mohammed


Foreign body aspiration is an important cause of mortality in children aged less than three years. Foreign body (FB) inhalation can pose diagnostic and therapeutic  challenges, especially in longstanding cases and  complications such as recurrent pneumonia, lung collapse and lung abscess may develop. We report a case of an 11-year old boy with foreign body impacted in his bronchus for six years, which was mistakenly managed as pulmonary tuberculosis. Radiological evidence  confirmed the diagnosis and a rigid bronchoscopy was used to remove the metallic foreign body. The standard of care for the management of a FB in a bronchus is a  rigid bronchoscopy; however flexible bronchoscopy can be used, especially in adults. A thorough history with radiological evidence are essential and sometimes, followed by a diagnostic bronchoscopy.

KEY WORDS: bronchus, foreign body aspiration, metallic foreign body, radiological evidence, rigid  bronchoscopy.

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