Characterization and Phase Transitions of Bi Doped BaTiO3 Ceramics Prepared through Chemical Route

  • K Sreenu
  • T Bhargavi
  • KL Kabeta


Nano particulate Barium Bismuth Titanate (BaBixTi1-xO3-õ) materials (with x=0.05, 0.1 and 0.15) were prepared through sol-gel chemical route (Pichini method) and the XRD patterns were indexed on the basis of tetragonal-BaTiO3 phase. In higher Bi-content secondary peak was observed. In the study of lattice parameters, C-parameter is found to be decrease with  Bi-content. With increasing in the Bi-content the percentage of secondary absorption peak is increases. The microstructure of the samples was  investigated by using Scanning electron microscope (DSC). The grain size range was 80 nm for the dried gel powder and 1-1.5 µm for the powder  calcined at . 1150‹C. Infrared (IR) spectrum was recorded at room  temperature with Thermo Nicolet Nexus 670 FTIR spectrometer. The secondary absorption peak observed at 435 cm-1 was found to decrease with Bi-content. In the study of lattice parameters, C-parameter was found to be decrease with Bi-content.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2305-3372
print ISSN: 2226-7522