Prevalence of Salmonella on Sheep Carcasses Slaughtered at Adama Municipal Abattoir, South Eastern Ethiopia

  • T Birhanu
  • S Abda
  • G Gebrezgabiher
Keywords: Adama Carcass Ethiopia Prevalence Salmonella Sheep


The article has been retracted by the editor.

A cross-sectional study was carried to determine the prevalence of Salmonella and Salmonella Serogroups from cattle carcasses slaughtered during November 2011 to April 2012 at Adama municipal abattoir. From a total of 100 sheep carcasses, 300 samples (abomasums, liver and mesenteric lymph nodes) were collected aseptically. Out of 100 animals examined sheep, 14 (14.0%) were Salmonella carriers. Whereas among 300 examined sheep carcass, Salmonella was 17 (5.6%) were found to be positive based on culture methods and different biochemical tests that were employed. The Salmonella was detected in 13 (13%), 7 (7%) of each 100 samples of abomasum’s and mesenteric lymph nodes respectively. Out of the 17 Salmonella isolates, three different Serogroups were identified of which Serogroup B was predominant (63.6%) followed by Serogroup C2 (21.2%) and Serogroup D (15.2%). Results of the present study indicated that Salmonella is a common problem in slaughtered sheep carcasses in Adama municipal abattoir. Therefore, Sources of pathogens in food animals need to be investigated and a further study of pathogens in the food chain is recommended.

Keywords: Adama Carcass Ethiopia Prevalence Salmonella Sheep


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