Modeling and Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems in Footwear Industry

  • TG Abeya
  • N Mulugeta
Keywords: Modeling Simulation Performance Analysis Footwear Manufacturing


This study deals with modeling and performance analysis of footwear manufacturing using arena simulation modeling software. It was investigated that modeling and simulation is a potential tool for modeling and analysis of manufacturing assembly lines like footwear manufacturing because it allows the researcher to experiment with different variables and controls the manufacturing process without affecting the real production system. In this study Arena simulation software is employed to model and measure performance of existing manufacturing systems of footwear. A footwear assembly plant producing a moccasin model shoe in Ethiopia with a total number of 19 major parts to be assembled on two consecutive assembly lines (stitching and lasting) were selected for the model. Furthermore, 39 and 37 activities were identified for stitching and lasting production line respectively. For each activity, 15 numbers of observations have taken using stopwatch. All the collected data are statistically analyzed using arena input analyzer for statistical significance and determination of expressions to be used in simulation modeling. A standard validated simulation model was developed and run for 41 replications. The result shows that the stitching assembly line is operating with a line balance efficiency of 58.7% and lasting assembly line 67.6%. In the course of action, about four major problems were identified and solved with five proposed scenarios of which the best scenario results in improvement of assembly line balance efficiency of 93.5 and 86.3% for stitching and lasting respectively. This Arena Simulation Model has considered the production resources like machineries, employees and processing time; activity precedence relationships; and production methods in developing and testing scenarios. It can be applied to other complex manufacturing industries wishing to analyze and improve the performance of the production systems.

Keywords: Modeling Simulation Performance Analysis Footwear Manufacturing


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eISSN: 2305-3372
print ISSN: 2226-7522