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Inputs and Process Factors Affecting the Quality of Training in Nekemte College of Teachers Education, Ethiopia

T Chala


The main purpose of this research was to find out the condition of inputs and process of training in Nekemte College of Teachers Education. In order to meet the purpose, a descriptive survey study method was employed. Total 456 trainees of pre-service regular third year student teachers of the year 2012/2013 and 67 teacher educators of the same year were selected as a sample. From 120 teachers of linkage schools, 50% (60) teachers were selected by using simple random sampling method. For this, quantitative data were collected and analysed by using descriptive statistical tools such as percentage and chi-square tests. The result of the study shows that there were poor conditions of facilities and educational material/ inputs. Processing them in the way that they can give benefit as it is desired was not at good condition in the college. In addition to this, absence of internal organizational services of the college, inadequacy of the instructors‟ assessment techniques and ineffectiveness in use of different instructional methods were some of the problems that need urgent solution. Some recommendations are forwarded as how to bring quality training in Nekemte College of Teachers Education. Thus, while recruiting trainees, attention should be given to their academic performance, use of inputs and processing them, different methods of instruction and assessment, normal class size as the standard set by MoE are some of the recommendations forwarded to be practiced in the college.

Keywords: Teacher educators, Teacher quality, Quality training, Inputs and process

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