Genetic Variability, Yield and Yield Associations of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.) Genotypes Grown at Gitilo Najo, Western Ethiopia

  • A Dugassa
  • H Legesse
  • N Geleta
Keywords: Genotype Lentil Yield Yield associations Variability


The study was conducted to evaluate the variability in yield, heritability, genetic advance and associations among characters, to estimate contribution of each trait in yield of the eighteen lentil genotypes. The genotypes were grown at Wollega University, Shambu Campus, Gitilo Najo Research Site. The genotypes were planted in RCBD and replicated three times. Data were collected for 12 morpho-agronomic traits. The results of the analysis of variance showed significant (P< 0.05) difference for all traits among the genotypes except for number of primary branches and hundred seed weight. The heritability values for the 12 characters ranged from 4.3% (hundred seed weight) to 94.3% (days to emergency). Estimates heritability values for days to emergence, plant height, number of pods per plant, biomass yield are >60% while for days to flowering, days to maturity, grain filling period and harvest index are between 40 % and 60%. Estimates of genetic advance as percent of mean at 5% selection intensity ranged from 0.59 % (hundred seed weight) to 78.1% (number of pods per plant). High heritability values coupled with high genetic advance as percent mean were observed for number of pods per plant and biomass yield which indicates the traits are controlled by additive type of genes. A low genotypic coefficient of variability and low genetic advance as a percent mean observed for characters hundred seed weight and pod length indicated that the characters were under high environmental influence, and that phenotypic selection based on these characters would be ineffective. Days to 50 % flowering showed positive and highly significant correlation with days to 95 % maturity at genotypic and phenotypic levels. Both at genotypic and phenotypic levels, grain yield was positively and significantly correlated with plant height and biomass yield while it was negatively and significantly correlated with harvest index. The result revealed wide variability for yield and yield determining traits for the tested genotypes which will help in the improvement of lentil genotypes for the area.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2305-3372
print ISSN: 2226-7522