Optimal Design of a Standalone Photovoltaic Power Supply System for Air Conditioning Application at Samara University as an Alternative to Diesel Generator Source

  • B Bogale
  • A Alemayehu


The aim of this paper is to optimally design a stand alone photovoltaic power supply system for air conditioning application at Samara University to be used as an alternative to diesel generator supply. Samara University is established in samara town, Afar region and has an average daily radiation of 6.10kwh/m2, sun shine duration of about 10 hours. This  condition invites the use of photovoltaic system as an alternative primary energy source to replace the existing diesel generator supply system. Therefore in order to use this energy source for air conditioning application, the cooling load of the building, 628 tons, is estimated using Newton’s thumb rule. The evaporative air conditioning system which is sometimes called desert cooler is selected to condition the estimated cooling load of the dwelling room. The sizing method (numerical method and HOMER software tools) is complementarily used to design a standalone photovoltaic power supply system. Finally, the metric value of the present worth is US $ 3,302,066 and its simple payback is 6.6 years, and this foreseen that the attractiveness of photovoltaic power system as one of renewable energy to be used as an alternative to diesel generator in the near future.

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eISSN: 2305-3372
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