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Effect of Neat Sardine Oil with Varies Blends on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine

V Narasiman, S Jeyakumar, M Mani, G Ofgaa


This study investigates the performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine which is fuelled with neat sardine oil and diesel. A single cylinder four stroke diesel engine was used for the experiments at various load and speed of 1500 rpm. An AVL5 gas analyzer and a smoke meter were used for the measurements of exhaust gas emission. The results showed that break thermal efficiency is decreased and CO (Carbon-monoxide), HC (Hydro-Carbon) in the exhaust is increased when fuelled with neat sardine oil compared to diesel except NOx (Nitrogen Oxide). The future scope of the work is to do some modification (e.g may be engine, piston or values) in the engine to get better performance in same blending ratio.

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