Comparative analysis of woody plants biomass on the affected and restricted land management practices in peasant community, Adamawa State, Nigeria

  • E.N. Gandapa
Keywords: Indigenous woody plants, Height, Girth, Distribution, Biomass


There are differences in woody plant distribution and sizes on the affected and restricted land management practices in rural areas. The aim of the study is to determine the difference in woody plants biomass on the adopted land management practices. The data required are distribution, height and girth of woody plant stands that were generated from the field using sample quadrats and measuring tape. The scope covers indigenous woody plants height, girth, distribution and biomass per unit area on the continuous cultivation, fallow and reserve lands. The biomass was determined using equations B = (πr2h) to estimate single tree stand while B = π(x̅r2) × x̅h(n) for stands that are more than one. The results were analyzed by comparing the magnitude of biomass per land management practices and unit area covered. The result revealed that reserve land have the highest biomass and cover more area than the affected. The result recommends preservation of seedlings of woody plants during annual clearance and clean weeding on continuous cultivation lands. The result implies with increase in continuous cultivation leads to reduction in plant biomass.

Keywords: Indigenous woody plants; Height; Girth; Distribution; Biomass


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eISSN: 1597-6343