Development of a 2-dimensional angulation algorithm target locating error estimation technique

  • Abdulmalik Shehu Yaro
  • Sa’id Musa Yarima
Keywords: Multiangulation system, Angle of arrival, Angulation Algorithm, Error prediction, Linear regression


A multiangulation (MANG) system determines an emitting target location using the angle of arrival (AOA) measurement estimated from its emission with an angulation algorithm. Prior to deployment of the system, it is important to know if the horizontal coordinate (HC) root mean square error (RMSE)s obtained by the system at certain target locations given an AOA error are within approved standards set by the international regulatory bodies. For this reason, a MANG system target locating error estimation technique based on Euclidean geometrical analysis and linear regression is proposed in this paper. This is to assist in the systematic determination and prediction of the HC RMSE obtained by the angulation algorithm of the MANG system. The proposed technique is validated by comparison with the Monte Carlo (MC) simulation at some randomly selected target locations using a square receiving station (RS) configuration. Result comparison shows that the proposed technique predicts the target HC RMSE obtained by the angulation algorithm within a system coverage of 10 km by 10 km with a prediction accuracy of about ±5 m.

Keywords: Multiangulation system; Angle of arrival: Angulation Algorithm; Error prediction; Linear regression


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eISSN: 1597-6343