Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and fastness properties of monoazo dyes derived from substituted arylamines

  • Juliana Chineze Obi
  • Ifeanyi Victor Emmanuel
  • Linus N. Okoro
  • Agboola O. Bolade
  • Emeka Friday Onuh
  • J.C. Ndulaka
Keywords: Azo Dyes, Solvatochromism, Halochromism, Fastness Properties.


Six monoazo dyes derived from arylamines substituted with bromine, chlorine and nitro groups were synthesized via diazo-coupling method and studied. Their functional groups were confirmed by an infra-red spectroscopy. Using solvents of different dielectric constants, the absorption spectra of these dyes showed positive solvatochromism with increasing solvent polarity. They also showed positive halochromism. The molar extinction coefficient of these dyes showed that they were all suitable for textile applications. More so, fastness tests revealed that all the dyes synthesized had better fastness properties on cotton fabric than on nyon 6,6.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-6343