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Acquired incisor malocclusion in an adult rabbit buck. A case report

F.C Thomas, O.E Adeleye, O.T Adenubi, O.I Ajayi, M Olaniyi, A.I Adeleye, M Agbaje


A rare case of dental malocclusion in an adult white chinchilla
rabbit buck is reported. A diagnosis of acquired incisor malocclusion was made based on the history, physical examination of the rabbit and postmortem examination of the skull. To the best of our knowledge, this appears to be the first reported case of this condition in Nigeria. It is suggested that the condition may be more common among rabbits in Nigeria and elsewhere than the paucity of reports on the incidence. Measures to be adopted in order to forestall dental malocclusion in rabbits are discussed.

Keywords: Malocclusion, rabbit, incisor.
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