Tropical Freshwater Biology

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Fundulopanchax species - a potential aquarium fish in Nigeria: the biology, prospects and challenges

Adaba T. Ibim


A review was carried out on the Fundulopanchax species biology, prospects and challenges, with the aim of eliciting interest in the production of the locally available species, as an additional aquarium fish for the development of the Ornamental fisheries industry in Nigeria. The study revealed that the genera Fundulopanchax consists of species of teleost fishes, of the family Nothobranchiidae, distributed across East, West and Central Africa, with six species in Nigeria. They are attractively bright colored, small fishes, with a maximum length of 7.5 cm to nearly 10 cm, require optimum water quality, with a temperature range of 72-75oF, pH range of 6.0 - 7.4 and total hardness from 0 to 300 ppm. They are sexually dimorphic, sexual maturity differs among species, sexually matured female eggs deposited on live aquatic plants and mosses hatch within 14-21 days depending on temperature. These species are mostly carnivores, some omnivores, consuming crustaceans, insect larvae and worms as well as algae in their natural environment. The Fundulopanchax species are economically important Aquarium fishes in developed countries, and so have great potentials in Nigeria. However, the culture of any of the Fundulopanchax species is not harnessed, especially in Nigeria.

Keywords: aquarium fishes, Fundulopanchax species, ornamental fisheries industry

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