Tropical Freshwater Biology

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Seasonal dynamics of the inorganic pollution in a Niger Delta River receiving petrochemical effluents

BO Chikere, GC Okpokwasili


The level of inorganic anions of the Eleme River over the rainy and dry season periods was investigated. Results indicated that parameters like temperature, conductivity and total dissolved solids were higher during the dry than rainy seasons. Others like pH, phosphate, sulfate and dissolved oxygen had higher rainy than dry season values. Temperature at sampling station 1 had values of 26.9±1.080C and 25.2± 0.060C for the dry and rainy seasons, respectively. Total dissolved solids at sampling station 3 had values of 29.95±3.81 mg/l and 22.02 ±1.73 mg/l for the dry and rainy seasons respectively. The dry season values of these properties were significantly higher (P≤0.05) than the rainy season values. Phosphate gave significantly higher (P≤0.01) rainy than dry season values at sampling station 3. The values were 0.72±0.09 mg/l and 1.05 ±0.09 mg/l for the dry and rainy seasons, respectively. Most of the water properties investigated fell within internationally acceptable limits for water quality while some of the properties of the effluent gave high levels, which exceeded limits for disposal into water bodies. This indicates that the effluents might have contributed to the levels of these parameters in the river though season plays a major role too.
Key words: Inorganic pollution, seasonal dynamics, petrochemical, effluent discharge.
Tropical Freshwater Biology 11 (2002) 11-22
AJOL African Journals Online