Observations on the intestinal helminth parasites of cichlids in the upper reaches of River Orogodo, a freshwater body in Delta State, Southern Nigeria

  • JC Nmor Department of Zoology, Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria
  • AO Egwunyenga
  • JEG Ake


The prevalence and intensity of intestinal helminth parasites of five predominant cichlids; Hemichromis fasciatus, Chromidotilapia guentheri, Tilapia mariae, Tilapia zilli and Tilapia aurea of the upper reaches of River Orogodo in Delta State, Southern Nigeria were examined. The water body was randomly sampled using a variety of fishing gear which included funnel entrance traps, cast nets of varying mesh sizes and baited hook long lines. Of a total of 183 fishes investigated, 111 (60.66%) were infected. The increasing order of relative prevalence was Chromidotilapia quentheri (21.62%), Tilapia mariae (63.64%), Tilapia aurea (70.97%), Tilapia zilli (71.79%) and Hemichromis faciatus (74.42%). The intestinal helminth parasites recovered were Acanthophalans (Acanthogyrus sp and Octospiniferoides sp), Nematodes (Camallanus sp and Cucullanus sp) and Cestodes (Wenyonia sp). Tilapia mariae had the highest parasite intensity (425) while Chromidotilapia quentheri had the least (65). Although, the sex predilection skewed towards females (64.77%) as against males (56.84%) significant difference was not observed (P>0.05). Viable preventive measures against fish parasitism in Nigerian freshwater bodies are highly recommended.

Keywords: helminth, cichlids, freshwater, Nigeria

Tropical Freshwater Biology 2003/2004 Vol. 12/13: 131-136

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0795-0101