The Distribution, Feeding and Reproduction of Clarioid Species in Epie Creek Floodplain of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

  • L A Elakhame
Keywords: Clarias (Clarioides), Epie creek floodplain, <i>C. buthupogon, C. agboyiensis, C. macromystax</i>, and <i>C. albopunctatus</i>


The distribution, feeding and reproduction of the members of the sub-genus Clarias (Clarioides) in Epie Creek Floodplain was studied. Four species of the Clarias: C. buthupogon, C. agboyiensis, C. macromystax, and C albopunctatus occurred in the ecosystem. The presence of C. albopunctatus is reported for the first time in the Niger Delta. Members of the C (Clarioides) constituted 52.8% of the total number of Clarias species caught in the creek, swamp channel and lake. They were omnivorous feeding on fish, crustaceans, insects, detritus and mud. Mean fecundity for C. agboyiensis ranged from 4941 to 7647 eggs; C. buthupogon ranged from 10567 to 12667 eggs; C. macromystax ranged from 5059 to 8824 eggs and C. albopunctatus ranged from 6600 to 9500 eggs. Breeding period was between April and June with the Peak in May.

Keywords: Clarias (Clarioides), Epie creek floodplain, C. buthupogon, C. agboyiensis, C. macromystax, and C. albopunctatus

> Tropical Freshwater Biology Vol. 15 2006: pp. 83-94

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eISSN: 0795-0101