Tropical Freshwater Biology

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Morphormetric Measurements Of Barbels, Head And Standard Length Of Catfish From Osse River, Nigeria

CU Edema, AE Ogbeibu, EO Ehiogie


Measurement of sensory barbels of five catfish species from the Osse River was undertaken to ascertain the differences between the types of barbels. The five species showed the maxillary to have the largest proportion of SL. The differential rankings of the maxillary were Heterobranchus bidorsalis Geoffrey Saint Hilaire (41.58%), H. longifilis Valenciennes (36.05%), Malapterurus electricus (Gmelin) (23.60%), Synodontis nigrita Valenciennes (22.24%) and Chrysichthys furcatus Gunther (20.30%). The head – SL relationship was significant in all five species whereas the maxillary – SL relationship was significant in C. furatus, H. bidorsalis and M. electricus. It was the mandibulary – SL relationship that was significant in C. furcatus, H. longifilis and M. electricus, while the nasal – SL relationship was significant in C. furcatus and H. bidorsalis (P<0.05, P<0.001).

Keywords: Barbels, Catfishes, Osse River, Measurements.
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