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It is published quarterly in January, April, July and October as an organ of the Tanzania Health Research User’s Trust Fund.  We seek articles that reflect and showcase a vibrant community of practice across many health contexts.

Categories of Articles

  1. Original research articles:Research articles that make a substantial, original contribution to research, practice or policy in any of the biomedical or health research areas. Research articles are contributions that have the purpose of publication of original unpublished research which may be reproduced and generalized. They should be between 3000 and 6000 words, excluding tables, figures and references. The original research article should follow the conventional structure: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.
  2. Short communications: Short communications are intended to provide preliminary research results or unpublished hypotheses of public health relevance. Short communications may contain an abstract and can be organized either along the lines of a regular manuscript or without subdivisions. The accompanying abstract should not exceed 200 words. Authors may also consider combining the results and discussion sections. They should be up to 2500 words and include a table or figure and preferably not more than five references.
  3. Letters to the Editor: These include letters which seek to discuss recent articles published in TJHRor report on original research or significant findings. They should not exceed 600 words and 5 references.
  4. Reviews:TJHR welcomes review papers relating to biomedical and health research themes. The review should emphasize the implication of reviewed literature for future practical application and policy implications. A review paper should not exceed 6000 words.
  5. Clinical studies: TJHRsupports the registration of trials as an important initiative to improve the reporting of clinical studies. Trial registers that currently meet all of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and World Health Organization requirements.

Manuscripts for publication in the Tanzania Journal of Health Research should be prepared in accordance with the fifth edition of the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals” established by the Vancouver Group (International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, ICMJE). The complete document, updated October 2001, is available at The manuscripts should be addressed exclusively to the TJHR. The authors must sign and submit a declaration in accordance with the copyright agreement. The original scientific article should follow the conventional structure: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.

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