Choice and Application of Marketing Strategies of Selected Book Publishers in Nigeria

  • JE Akpane


The study was designed to identity the type of marketing strategies employed by book publishers in Nigeria, the criteria for the choice and application of marketing strategies, being used to reach each segment of the market. The survey research method was adopted for the study. Forty market managers and 60 sales representatives drawn from selected publishing houses in Nigeria were sampled. The instruments used for gathering data were questionnaire, interviews and documentary sources. Data gathered were
analysed descriptively using tables and percentages. The study results indicated that book publishers in Nigeria employ various marketing strategies which contribute to the achievement of marketing objectives. However, in order to boost book trade, the opening of book depots in the rural areas, publishers to pool their resources together to stimulate mass production, the granting of credit facilities and the reduction of import duties on printing materials by government, were recommended in the study.

eISSN: 1596-5422