Hygiene Status of Fish Smoking Facilities of Selected Fish Smoking Centers in Ibadan Metropolies Oyo State South-Western Nigeria

  • A.A. Ayeloja
  • A.M. Idi-Ogede
  • W.A. Jimoh
  • S.A. Abdulsalami
Keywords: Hygiene, status, fish smoking facilities, smoking centers


The hygiene status of fish smoking facilities of selected fish smoking centers in Ibadan metropolies Oyo state South-Western Nigeria was studied. Forty five (45) swab samples were collected at 3 different sampling points (storage material, washing plastic bowls and smoking kiln) from 5 different fish smoking centers in the study area while 15 smoked fish samples (Scomber japonicus) and water samples each were also collected. Themicrobial analysis was done using standard microbiological procedures. Most of the fish smoking facilities within Ibadan metropolies have poor hygiene status as their storage materials, washing materials, water samples, smoking kilns and smoked fish products have Total Coliform Counts (TCC), Feacal Coliform Counts (FCC) and Salmonella/Shigella counts above recommended level. Lowest level of TPC was obtained in smoked fish samples from Elebu (4.004±0.01), Aleshinloye (4.301±0.01), Mapo (4.230±0.04) and Moor Plantation (4.205±0.02) respectively. Similar trend was observed for Total Fungal Counts (TFC), TCC, FCC and Salmonella/Shigella counts in most of the fish smoking centers. It is recommended that fish processors should get good water source for cleaning their fish and facilities as poor water source could aid transmission of microorganisms and diseases within fish processing facilities which may result in contaminated smoked fish product. The need for fish processors to improve their sanitary conditions was encouraged. It was also recommended that consumers should properly wash smoked fish products with clean portable water or precook them before eating so as to reduce the risk of food born diseases.

Keywords: Hygiene, status, fish smoking facilities, smoking centers


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