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Haematology and serum chemistry of finisher broiler chickens fed maize-cassava diet supplemented with methionine and inorganic sulphur

M.A. Oguntoye, O.M.O. Idowu, O.M. Sogunle, A.R. Akintunde, Y. Danladi


This study was conducted to assess the haematology and serum chemistry of broiler chickens fed maize-cassava diets supplemented with methionine and inorganic sulphur. A total of 270 day-old broiler chicks were randomly assigned to nine treatment groups of 30 birds making 10 birds per replicate group. Starter and finisher diets were formulated and fed for a period of 56 days. Dietary treatments were subjected to Completely Randomized Design in a 3 × 3 factorial experimental layout. Birds were fed diets supplemented with 0, 125, 250 mg/kg DL-methionine and 0, 125, 250 mg/kg inorganic sulphur from CuSO4. Results of haematological parameters showed no significant (p>0.05) difference among the treatment groups except the packed cell volume. The higher value of 31.33% was obtained for PCV in the birds fed diet supplemented with 0mg/kg DL-methionine + 125mg/kg CuSO4. Values recorded for biochemical indices varied significantly (p<0.05) among dietary treatments for total protein, globulin and cholesterol. High significant (p<0.05) values of 50.80 g/l and 29.85 g/l were obtained for total protein and globulin in the birds fed diet supplemented with 125 mg/kg DL-methionine + 250 mg/kg CuSO4. Lower (p<0.05) value of 155.81mg/dl was recorded for cholesterol in birds fed diet supplemented with 250 mg/kg DL-methionine + 250 mg/kg inorganic sulphur. Based on the results obtained for haematological and serum chemistry parameters, it was concluded that supplementation of DL-methionine and inorganic sulphur in broiler diet at 125 mg/kg DL-methionine + 250 mg/kg inorganic sulphur level of supplementation improved dietary protein and had no inimical effect.

Key words: Maize-cassava; DL-methionine; inorganic sulphur; haematology; serum

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