Effect of varying levels of energy and protein on performance of Ross breed broiler chickens

  • Y.L. Yunana
  • M Kabir
  • I Mallam
Keywords: Energy, Protein, Performance, Broiler


Experiment was carried out to ascertain the effect of feeding combination of high, normal and low energy and protein respectively, on the performance of broiler chickens. Six diets of different combinations of energy and protein namely; high energy and high protein (HEHP), high energy and low protein (HELP), normal energy and high protein (NEHP), normal energy and low protein (NELP), low energy and high protein (LEHP) and low energy and low protein (LELP) were fed to broiler chickens of Ross breed for a period of 60 days. A 2 by 3 factorial arrangement in a complete randomised design was used. Results indicated a significantly (p<0.05) reduced feed intake as the energy content of feed increased with LEHP having the highest feed intake of 1261.71g/bird while the final weight were similar for birds LEHP, LELP, NEHP and HEHP respectively during the starter phase. Those fed HEHP however performed better during the finisher phase with significantly higher final and body weight gain. The study showed that low energy and low protein diets could be fed to broilers chicken as long as proper management practices are put in place.

Keywords: Energy; Protein; Performance; Broiler


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eISSN: 1119-4308