A survey on phytogenic extracts commonly used in the control of Newcastle disease in indigenous chickens raised in Yewa South local government area of Nigeria

  • O.A. Irivboje
  • O.O. Olufayo
  • Y.I. Irivboje
Keywords: Poultry; indigenous chicken; Newcastle disease; Bitter leaf; Phytogenic; ethno-veterinary


Newcastle disease remains one of the major diseases ravaging the poultry industry in Nigeria. This study was conducted to determine the medicinal plants used as a cure for Newcastle disease in indigenous chicken in Yewa South Local Government, Ogun State, using semi-structured questionnaires. One hundred questionnaires were randomly administered. However, ninety-nine (99) were retrieved. Data were collected on socio-economic characteristics of respondents, distribution of villager’s ownership to indigenous chicken in accordance to disease recognition and cure of Newcastle disease. Results showed that female respondents (57.58%) were mainly involved in rural poultry production than their male counterparts (42.42% %). Most indigenes in the locality raised their birds on a semi-intensive system (92.93%) of management. Poultry birds were raised for mostly household consumption (37.37%) and income (29.29%). Results further revealed that 37.37% of the farmers are very familiar with the Newcastle disease, also, 37.37% of the farmers know a bit about the disease. Most farmers believe that bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) and Christmas melon (Cucumis melo) serve as a cure to prevent Newcastle disease. The study concluded that bitter leaf and Christmas melon are the most frequently used phytogenic plants used as a cure for Newcastle disease in Yewa South Local Government.


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eISSN: 1119-4308