Utilization of Chromolaena odorata leaf meal as a supplement in broiler chickens’ diet

  • A.O. Akintunde
  • L.C. Ndubuisi-Ogbona
  • O.A. Ajayi
  • C. Chioma
  • W.A. Jimoh
  • O.J. Afodu
Keywords: Utilization, Chromolaena odorata, supplementation, haematology, serum chemistry


The utilization of Chromolaena odorata leaf meal (COLM) supplementation was studied in 120 broiler chickens for 42 days. The birds were randomly assigned to four dietary treatment groups in three replicates in a completely randomized design. The diets were supplemented with COLM at 0%, 2%, 4% and 6% levels. The results showed that COLM contained 19.61% crude protein, 2.90% crude fat, 10.78% crude fibre, 10.89% ash and 10.89% carbohydrate. The results of the phytochemical analysis showed that COLM contained 3.15mg/g oxalate, 2.09% phytate, 0.60% saponin, 6.30% flavonoid, 0.60mgGAE/g total phenol, 0.002% tannin and 1.66% alkaloid. The supplementation of COLM significantly affected (p<0.05) average weight gain, final body weight and feed conversion ratio (FCR) but no significant difference (p>0.05) was observed in average feed intake. All the haematological parameters were similar (p>0.05) across the treatment groups except platelets where birds fed higher levels of supplements of COLM had significantly higher (p<0.05) values than the control (0% COLM) and 2% COLM supplementation group. The results of serum chemistry showed significant difference (p<0.05) in creatinine and glucose. It can be concluded from this study that the inclusion of COLM as feed supplements was non-toxic and did not suppress the growth of broilers.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-4308