The distribution of Magnesium, Zinc & Copper in the skin and hair of West African dwarf sheep

  • SK Onwuka
  • OG Avwioro
  • OK Olaifa
  • SB Olaleye
Keywords: Sheep, Skin, Hair, and Trace Elements


The distribution of magnesium, zinc and copper was investigated in the hair and skin of African dwarf sheep. The 3 elements were found to be present in varying degrees in these organs. All were more abundant in the hair than in the skin. For instance, 2026 ppm were the highest amount of magnesium found in the hair while its counterpart in the skin were 1178p.p.m.There were also differences in the quantities of these elements in the samples from the different regions of the body. Statistical analysis revealed that some of these differences were significant (p<0.05). These findings are discussed in the context of their relevance to the structural and functional integrity of the skin and its adnexa

Key Words: Sheep, Skin, Hair, and Trace Elements.



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eISSN: 1119-4308