Effect of quantitative feed restriction on pullet development and subsequent egg production

  • AA Sekoni
  • IA Adeyinka
  • SO Ogundipe
Keywords: Feed restriction, pullet, egg production


The effect of quantitative feed restriction during rearing on mature body weight and subsequent egg production of pullets was investigated in two experiments. All the birds in the two experiments were fed ad libitum on 20% crude protein and! 649kcal/kg ME diet from 0-8 weeks of age. From 9-20 weeks, feed was denied the birds for a day after one or two days of ad lib feeding, or restricted to 75% of ad lib intake by the control birds. Results of these two studies showed that with restriction, a significant decrease in growth rate was obtained at 20 weeks and 36 weeks. However, the feed regimen imposed on the birds during the growing period did not have any significant effect on sexual maturity nor peak production levels. Hen-day and hen-housed production levels as well as cost of feed per unit weight or dozen eggs, were not significantly affected by the treatments.

These studies showed that when growing birds are restricted in quantity of feed fed, they respond with a reduction in mature weight, but the laying phase is unaffected.

Key words: Feed restriction, pullet, egg production


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eISSN: 1119-4308