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Effects of Large-Scale Teak Plantation Establishment on Plant Species Composition and Diversity in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania

G.D. Ngatena
G. Soka
P.K.T. Munishi


Kilombero Teak Company (KVTC) have cleared more than 7,500 ha of natural miombo woodland since 1992, to establish a teak plantation in Kilombero valley. Currently, less is known about how this large teak plantation supports the previous existed plants species before its establishment. This study, investigated the understory plant species found in teak plantation and made reference on natural remnants around the plantation. The main hypothesis was that, natural remnants around the teak plantation would be richer and diversified in species, than teak plantation. Nested plots of 40 m x 20 m, 20 m x 10 m and 1 m x 1 m were established and used to survey plant species within plantation and natural remnants. Results showed that, natural remnants and plantation were 58% similar in plant species recorded. Natural remnants observed to have a statistically significant higher plant species richness (p = 0.043), families (p = 0.049) and abundance (p = 0.004) but lower plant species diversity (p = 0.01) than the plantation. The higher plant diversity scenario in teak plantation, shows that a plantation can support a variety of non-teak plant species that existed in the valley before its establishment in any favorable condition.

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