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Primary thoracic epidural lymphoma: A rare cause of spinal cord compression

AS Yusuf, KO Omokanye, T Buhari


Spinal epidural lymphoma is a rare entity that is not often considered in the differential diagnosis of an epidural mass in a previously healthy individual. Pfatients with Primary Spinal Epidural Lymphomas (PSELs) have negative diagnostic work up for systemic lymphoma and unlike disseminated lymphoma, they achieve good functional recovery and long survival following prompt intervention. We report a case of isolated primary lymphoma of the thoracic spine in a 75 year old woman who presented with spinal cord compression syndrome and had negative work up for systemic lymphoma. She was managed with decompressive surgery and chemotherapy with long term good functional outcome. The clinical presentation, treatment modalities and outcome of presentation, primary spinal epidural lymphoma are discussed.

 Keywords: Spinal, Epidural, Lymphoma, Spinal cord

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