Knowledge and prevalence of risk factors for hypertension among workers in the banking industry in Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria

  • AN Ofili University of Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
  • VO Omuemu


Hypertension is one of the chronic non-communicable conditions in the developing countries. The banking industry, which is very demanding of its workforce, as evidenced by its long banking hours, with little physical activity could predispose bank workers to developing hypertension. The focus of this study is therefore to determine the knowledge and prevalence of risk factors of hypertension among workers in the banking industry in Benin- City, Edo- State, Nigeria. This cross-sectional study was carried out among workers in the banking industry in Benin–City, Edo–State, Nigeria. A simple random sampling method was used for the selection of eight banks. All the workers in the eight banks were included in the study. A total of 192 questionnaires was retrieved and analysed.

Results: The prevalence of hypertension among bank workers was 17.7%. Ninety- three (48.4%) of the respondents had a correct knowledge of hypertension while 138 (70.8%) of them had a good knowledge about the complications of hypertension. One hundred and twenty five (65.1%) respondents had good knowledge about risk factors of hypertension. Eighty- five (44.3%) of the respondents, and 30(15.6%) of the respondents took alcohol and smoked respectively. Fifteen (7.8%) of the respondents were obese. More males than females consumed alcohol, smoked and added extra salt to food. This difference was found to be statistically significant for only alcohol and smoking. Sixty–two (32.3%) of the respondents added extra salt to their food while, 173 (90.1%) of the respondents believed their work was stressful. About half of the respondents (50.9%) worked for more than 8hrs per day, while 75% of them worked 6 days per week.

Conclusion: This study has shown that a significant number of bank workers had hypertension. There was also a high prevalence of the risk factors of hypertension among the study population despite their good knowledge about these risk factors and the complications of hypertension. Therefore, there is need for rigorous health education on risk factors avoidance and reduction among bank workers.

Keywords: hypertension, knowledge, prevalence

The Tropical Journal of Health Sciences Vol. 12(1) 2005: 26-30

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eISSN: 1117-4153