Instructions to Authors

Tropical Journal of Medical Research (TJMR) welcomes articles in the form of original researches, clinical trials, reviews, case reports and short communications, conference, seminar and workshop reports, letters to the editor, medico-political reports and any other articles of scientific and professional interest. Manuscripts must be typed double-spaced and only on one side of white bound paper, A4 (212x297mm), with 1'' (25mm) margin. One original and two copies of all parts of the manuscript, and one electronic copy (CD), with a covering letter signed by all the authors should be sent to:

The Editor-in-Chief,

Prof. J.C Orakwe

Tropical Journal of Medical Research,

C/o Department of Surgery,

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital

P.M.B 5025




The journal is published twice every year, in March and September, and is abstracted by African

Journal Online (AJOL) on

Manuscript format

The manuscript should consist of

i. Title page

ii. Summary

iii. Text

iv. Acknowledgment

v. References

vi. Tables

vii. Figures

viii. Legends


Each manuscript component should begin on a new page in the sequence given above, and the pages should all be numbered consecutively starting from the title page.

The title page: This should include the title of the manuscript, surname, initials and qualifications of each author, names of departments and institutions in which the work was carried out, name and address of the corresponding author.

Abstract: The abstract should contain 150 - 250 words, and be structured under the following headings; i. Objective, ii. Method, (design, setting, subjects and area measurements), iii. Result and iv. Conclusion. Abstracts are not necessary in editorials, letters to the editor, short communications, case reports, and conference, seminars, and workshop reports. A list of up to six key-words should follow the abstract.

Text: The text should be divided into; i. Introduction, ii.Materials and methods, iii. Results, iv.Discussion, v. Conclusion, vi. Acknowledgement, and vii.References. Each division should begin on a new page in this sequence. The text of full articles should not exceed 4000 words. Case reports and short communications should be restricted to 1000 words, two tables/illustrations and ten references.

References: The reference format should conform to the Vancouver style. All the authors should be listed, but if the number is more than six, only six will be published followed by et al. References should be identified in the text by superscript Arabic numerals in their order of occurrence in the text. Included references should conform as follows;

— Journal articles: i. Surnames and initials of all authors, ii. Article title, iii. Name of journal or abbreviation of journal as listed in Index Medicus, iv. Year of publication, v. Volume number, vi. First and last pages.

— Authors of book: i. Surnames and initials of all authors, ii. Title of book, iii. Edition (except if first), iv. City, v. Publisher, vi. Year, vii. Pages.

— Author(s) of chapter of a book: i. Surnames and initials of all authors of the particular chapter, ii. Title of chapter, iii. Editor (s) of the book, iv. Title of book, v. Edition (except if first), vi. City, vii. Publisher, viii. Year, xi. Pages.

— Authors of dissertation or thesis: i. Surnames and initials of all authors, ii. Title of dissertation or thesis, iii. Institution, iv. Year.

Tables and figures: Tables and figures should be added to the manuscript on separate sheets and numbered. Each table should be titled and numbered in Roman numerals (e.g. Table I, II, III). The figures should be titled and numbered in Arabic numerals (e.g. Figure 1,2,3).

Authorship: Only those who contributed to the intellectual content of an article should be listed as authors. Gratuitous authorship is not acceptable. Authors are answerable for all statements contained in their articles, and take public responsibility for the content of their articles.

Review process: All manuscripts are subjected to peer review by at least two assessors.

Handling fees: A processing fee of two thousand naira (N2,000.00), or its equivalent in the United States of America dollar, will be charged on every submitted manuscript. Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the corresponding author. A publication fee of five thousand naira (N 5,000.00), or its equivalent in the United States of America dollar, will be paid for all manuscripts accepted for publication. Papers not accepted will be returned to the corresponding author with or without the reviewers' comments. Cheques are made payable to the “Medical Research Society, Nnamdi Azikiwe University”

Subscription information: The TJMR is published twice every year in March and September. Subscription is on yearly basis, and is five hundred naira in Nigeria (N 500), twenty pounds sterling (UK), and thirty US dollars for the rest of the world.

Enquires, and remittances should be made to:

Dr. A.I Ugezu

The Business Manager,

Tropical Journal of Medical Research

C/o Department of Surgery

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital

P.M.B 5025

Nnewi, Nigeria.

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