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The Anti-Diarrhea Properties Of Zingibier Offcinale

EC Nwoko, PC Unekwe, KC Chilaka, ED Nwobodo, CN Okwuosa


Introduction: The crude extract of the plant Zingiber officinale has a high folkloric reputation for anti-diarrhea activity. This study investigated the scientific basis of this folkloric claim.
Materials and Methods: Diarrhea was induced in albino mice and albino wistar rats using Castor-oil. The animals (mice) were offered the acetone extracts of the plant at 20 and 40mg/kg body weight. The albino rats (wistar) received water dose extracts of the plant. The level of protection offered by the extracts was compared with a standard anti-diarrhea agent (Diphenoxylate). The effect of the extract on the intestinal motility was also investigated.
Results: The crude extract of Z. officinale produced a comparatively high protection against castor oil- induced diarrhea in rats relative to the positive control animals that were treated with diphenoxylate. The extract shows a reduction in the transit time of ingested charcoal indicating a reduction in the intestinal motility.
Conclusion: The crude extract of Z. officinale showed a promising anti-diarrhea activity. Inhibition of the intestinal motility by the extract may underlie the observed anti-diarrhea action but previous reports show that the extracts have anti-microbial action as well. High secretions largely underlie the pathophysiology of diarrhea.

Keywords: Zingiber officinal, anti-diarrhea, rodents

Tropical Journal of Medical Research Vol. 12 (1) 2008: pp.18-21
AJOL African Journals Online