The Teratogenic Effect Of Ramipril In Mice

  • UA Emegwamuo
  • PC Unekwe
  • KC Chilaka
Keywords: Rramipril, Ttertratogenic Effect, Maternal Toxicity


Objective: Ramipril was studied to know it teratogenic effect in mice. Methods: A total of 36 mice were used – 24 females and 12 males. After mating, 4 groups of pregnant mice were administered with remipril 2.4mg/kg, and 10.0mg/kg, except for the control group. Three days to the 21 days gestation period, the animals were sacrificed. Results: Three groups had liver litters numbering about 35 – 46 per group but the group that received the high dose (10.0mg/kg) had 35 dead litters. Twenty – one of the dead ones had complete bodies while eight had missing limbs and the other six had no heads. Histological analysis showed maternal toxicity. There were lesions and necrosis of the hepatocytes of the liver of the group that received high dose and medium dose, though the lesions were less in those that received medium dose of ramipril. There were cardiac muscle clumping and necrosis in the heart of the high dose group with slight effect on that of the medium dose group. Conclusion: Therefore, at a high dose, ramipril possessed teratogenic effect and maternal toxicity.

Keywords: Rramipril, Ttertratogenic Effect, Maternal Toxicity

Tropical Journal of Medical Research Vol. 12 (1) 2008: pp. 22-28

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eISSN: 1119-0388