Biochemical and biophysical implications of the methods of processing and storage of Garri.

  • GI Ahaneku
  • JE Ahaneku
  • RE Agbodike
Keywords: Garri, Metal can, plastic can, thick guage polyethylene bag.


Garri samples, collected from three major-producing areas (Ihiagwu in Imo State, Aba in Abia State and Okija in Anambra State) of South-
Eastern Nigeria, were packaged in three types of packages, namely, metal can (tin), plastic can can and thick gauge polyethylene bag and
evaluated for long term storage effects. The proximate composition, swelling capacity, PH values, Hydrogen cyanide. (HCN) contents and particle size distribution analysis of the samples, were carried out. After packaging, the moisture contents, swelling capacity, colour and odour of the samples were evaluated on one –weekly intervals; until the end of the study lasting 10 weeks. The moisture contents were highest with Okija garri samples with a value of 17.95% followed be Aba with a value of 15.50% and lowest with Ihiagwa with a value of 13.75%. These values were higher than the 12% moisture content stipulated for safe storage of garri sample.
The crude protein, ash, crude fibre and HCN contents were about the same for all the garri samples. The HCN contents were within the stipulated safe level. The swelling capacity was highest with the Ihiagwa samples. (444%), followed by Aba (400%) and Okija (342%), in that order. The particle size analysis indicated that Okija samples were finer than Aba and Ihiagwa samples. There was some increase in the moisture contents of the samples stored in metal can and plastic can packages. There was progressive decrease in the swelling capacity of the stored samples, with more pronounced decrease with Okija sample. There was no change in the characteristic odour and colour of the garri samples stored in the thick-gauge polyethylene packages. The results indicated that commercial garri samples from Ihiagwa, Aba and Okija in the south-eastern Nigeria stored better in thick-guage polyethylene packages than in metal can and plastic can packages. Furthermore, the higher initial moisture contents of the samples resulted in faster deterioration in garri quality.

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eISSN: 1119-0388