Evaluation of risk factors and markers for cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients: The Nnewi experience.

  • CE Dioka
  • CI Nwokolo
  • NK Nnamah
  • SC Meludu
  • CU Osuji
Keywords: Risk factors, risk markers, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease.


Objectives: The study was designed to investigate the lipid profile, C- reactive protein and urinary level of micro-albumin as part of routine risk
assessment in diabetic patients.
Subjects and Methods: Plasma levels of total cholesterol, low density liproprotein cholesterol (LDL – C), high density lipoprotein cholesterol
(HDL –C), triglyceride (TG), C- reactive protein and urinary levels of micro-albumin were evaluation in 40 diabetic patients and 40 control
subjects. The patients were aged 45-50 years and were age-matched with the control. Data were analyzed with student test and Pearson
correlation coefficient.
Results: The results indicate that fasting plasma glucose (FPG) was significantly raised in diabetic patients (8.9+4.0mmol/L) compared with
control subjects (4.6+ 0.5mmol/L, p<0.01 in both cases), C-reactive protein levels were significantly higher in diabetics (5.1+1.6mmol/L, control
subjects =3.3± 1.6 p<0.01 in both cases). Microalbumin levels in urine were also significantly increased in diabetic patients (32+26mg/L
compared with controls (20+5.5mg/L, p<0.01 in both cases). No significant differences were found for total cholesterol (3.09+0.73 mmo/L,
compared with control subjects (3.03+0.73mmol/L, p>0.10) and triglycerides (1.2+0.73mmol/L) compared with controls (1.0+0.44mmol/L,
p>0.01). Significant positive associations were observed between total cholesterol and HDL-C (r=0.414, p<0.01); LDL-C and TG (r=0.632,
p<0.01) and total cholesterol (r=0.321, p<0.05) in diabetic subjects. Similarly, significant positive associations were also observed between TG
and total cholesterol (r=0.584, p<0.01); LDL-C and CRP (r=0.539, p<0.05) and between LDL-C and TG (r=0.523, p<0.05) in control subjects.
Conclusion: It is suggested that C-reactive protein and urine microalbumin may be included in monitoring patients with cardiovascular disease.

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eISSN: 1119-0388