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A 5 year review of the prevalence and feto-maternal outcome of eclampsia at Aminu Kano teaching hospital.

HM Abdullahi, LD Aliyu, M Zakari, U Lawal


Background: Eclampsia remains a serious obstetric disorder in tropical obstetric practice. Provision of quality antenatal care is essential in reducing its incidence.
Objective: To determine the prevalence and socio demographic characteristics of patients with eclampsia and also the feto-maternal outcome.
Study Design: A 5-year retrospective study on eclampsia in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano.
Results: There were a total of 13,750 deliveries and 240 eclamptic patients during the study period, giving a prevalence of 1.75%. About 49.28% of the eclamptic patients were adolescents compared with 7.25% in the control group and 59.42% of them were primigravidas compared with 12.56% in the control group. About 91.30% of the cases were Hausas and 77.77% were from Kano metropolis. Also 82.9% of the cases were unbooked and 51.29% of them were delivered via caesarean section compared with 10.63% in the control group. Maternal mortality occurred in 12.08% of the cases compared with 0.97% in the control group. Perinatal mortality occurred in 22.71% of the cases compared with 3.86% in the control group.
Conclusion: Eclampsia is one of the serious emergencies seen in Sub-Saharan Africa and is associated with increased perinatal morbidities and mortalities. Providing good quality antenatal care coupled with improving emergency capability of hospitals and establishg an intensive care unit for the care of eclamptic patients are essential in reducing maternal and perinatal morbidities and mortalities from the disease.

Keywords: Eclampsia, Feto-maternal outcome, AKTH Kano.

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