Incisional scar evisceration of fallopian tube in a pregnant woman

  • NE Akuabia
  • ECN Iheukwumere
  • OO Athanatius


Background: Herniation of pelvic and solid abdominal structures like the fallopian tubes especially in pregnancy is extremely rare. We report a case of an eviscerated fallopian tube through an incisional hernia in a pregnant woman. There has been no such report in literature at the time of report.
Case presentation: A case of a 38 year old gravida 3 Para 2 +0, Ibo Nigerian who presented with persistent abdominal pain and protrusion of a fleshy mass from the lower aspect of the anterior abdominal wall of one day duration. She was misdiagnosed as granuloma over the ruptured incisional hernia. At laparotomy, she was found to have a herniating fallopian tube secondary to laevo rotation of the pregnant uterus. This case exhibits one of those rare conditions that could become life threatening and which has a lot of issues to be considered before a decision is made.
Conclusion: Evisceration of a fallopian tube through an incisional hernia in a pregnant woman is an uncommon occurrence which is life threatening and prone to misdiagnoses. It is therefore important that a good index of suspicion is created among health personnel especially gynaecologists and general surgeons on the possibility that the fleshy mass on the incisional hernia may be a vital organ like the fallopian tube. This is an original report of impact to the practice of medicine


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