Jadelle subdermal contraceptive implant in Aminu Kano teaching hospital Kano, northern Nigeria

  • Z Muhammad
  • SA Ibrahim
  • RA. Attah
Keywords: Jadelle, Subdermal implant, Kano, Northern Nigeria


Background: Jadelle is a set of two flexible cylindrical implants consisting of a dimethylsiloxane/ methylvinylsiloxane copolymer core enclosed in thin-walled silicone tubing. It is an improved version of Norplant. Worldwide, it is found to be effective, safe, reversible and convenient for many users.
Objective: To determine the acceptance rate, the Socio-demographic profile of the clients, post insertion complications and reason for discontinuation of the method among its acceptors in Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano.
Study design: This is a retrospective descriptive study, involving all acceptors of Jadelle Subdermal implant in the family planning unit of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano, North western Nigeria.
Results: A total of 1505 clients accepted contraceptive methods during the study period. Out of these, 102 had Jadelle inserted, giving a rate of 6.8%. All the clients who accepted Jadelle had it inserted for child spacing. The mean age of the clients at insertion was 28.9 years ± 6.1, the mean parity at insertion was 3.3± 1.8, while the mean weight at insertion was 63Kg ±11.4. About 94% of the clients had secondary and tertiary education. 42.2% of the clients had used a modern contraceptive method previously while the remaining 57.8% were using a modern method for the first time. Nine clients reported post insertion complication, pain at the site of insertion was reported by three clients, and pruritus was reported by one client and intermenstrual bleeding by five of the clients. Five women discontinued the method; 3(60%) was due to menorrhagia.
Conclusion: The continuation rate of the method is high (95.1%). Majority of the acceptors (98%) had formal education, only 2% of the acceptors were illiterate. Public enlightenment will improve its use among the non literate women.

Keywords: Jadelle, Subdermal implant, Kano, Northern Nigeria


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