Vulva haematoma following straddle injury in pregnancy

  • J.C Ekweani
  • A.O Oguntayo
  • A.O.D Kolawale
  • M.S Zayyan
Keywords: Vulva, haematoma, trauma, pregnancy


Backgound: The incidence of vulva injuries in pregnancy in our environment following non-obstetric causes may be underreported. This may be because injuries of this nature are often misconstrued to be of a sexual nature and so such patients may be viewed as “immoral”.
Report: A 24year old primipara in her third trimester who fell astride a plastic kettle and sustained a laceration to the vulva with haematoma that was surgically evacuated on presentation. She was placed on sitz baths, antibiotics, analgesics and subsequent counselling to have a supervised delivery in the hospital. She did so 11days later and had spontaneous vertex delivery to a live female weighing 2.6kg with good APGAR scores with the aid of an elective episiotomy.
Conclusion: The management of such should be meticulous and treatment tailored to the patient's need for future parturition and sexual gratification.

Keywords: Vulva, haematoma, trauma, pregnancy


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eISSN: 0189-5117