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Grandmultiparity: Mothers' Own Reasons For The Index Pregnancy

Oluwafemi Kuti, Francis O. Dare, Solomon O. Ogunniyi


Context: Despite widespread availability of modern contraception, grandmultiparous women still constitute a significant proportion of our obstetric population. Although the socio-economic characteristics of these patients are well known, we need to know why they decide to get pregnant again despite the dangers involved. Such knowledge may help us find a lasting solution to this problem.
Objective: This study aims at finding out from grandmultiparous women their reasons for the index pregnancy.
Design: Cross-sectional study
Setting: Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, State Specialist Hospital Ondo, Ondo State, Nigeria.
Subjects: All grandmultiparous women that booked between January 1999 and September 1999.
Methods: The mothers were asked to fill a questionnaire on the first day of visit. Items of information requested include the reasons for the current pregnancy, knowledge of family planning and demographic characteristics.
Main Outcome Measure: Mother's reason for the current pregnancy.
Results: Among the women, 94:1% were aware of family planning with a usage rate of 7.8 percent. The reasons given for the current pregnancy were: desire for large family (25.9%); loss of previous children (24.1%), mistake (16.7%); desire for male child (14.8%); desire to have a child for a new husband (11.1%) and failed contraception (7.4%).
Conclusion: The major reasons grandmultipara conceive again are desire for large families and loss of previous offspring. To reduce the incidence of grandmultiparity in our society efforts must be geared towards raising the social status of our women through universal formal education and reducing the currently high childhood mortality.

(Tropical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 2001, 18(1): 31-33)
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