Recurrent Bartholin’s gland abscess in pregnancy: An uncommon presentation

  • Zubaida G. Abdullahi
  • Aminatu M. Umar
  • Afolabi K. Koledade
  • Bilkisu K. Lawal
  • Tokunbo O. Adeoye
  • Oladapo S. Shittu
Keywords: Bartholin’s abscess, marsupialization, pregnancy


Bartholin’s gland cysts and abscesses are the most common cystic swelling of the vulva in women of reproductive age and are usually small in size, as the discomfort associated with it necessitates early consultations. Huge Bartholin’s abscesses are uncommon and even fewer cases have been reported were among non-pregnant women. This case involved a 25-year old grandmultipara, who presented at a gestational age of 24 weeks with a huge vulval swelling measuring 14cm x 10cm, following failure of its resolution from self-medicated antibiotics. She had experienced similar but smaller vulvar enlargements in her two preceeding pregnancies that had resolved following similar medical treatment. She was treated successfully with marsupialization, without any adverse effect on the pregnancy. This case illustrates the likelihood of huge Bartholin’s abscess complicating pregnancy and that there should be no hesitation to apply marsupialization in its treatment. The recurrence of the abscess in three successive pregnancies in this woman, who kept using self-prescribed antibiotics is a worrying trend that will require the education of women at various reproductive health care clinics about vulvar swellings and warn against antibiotics abuse.

Keywords: Bartholin’s abscess; marsupialization; pregnancy


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eISSN: 0189-5117