Pregnancies complicated by uterine fibroids: A case series on myomectomy in early pregnancy

  • M.E. Aziken
  • J.A. Osaikhuwuomwan
  • A.P. Osemwenkha
  • O.E. Olokor
  • I Iribhogbe
  • C.U Uwagboe
Keywords: Early pregnancy, infertility, myomectomy, pregnancy loss, uterine fibroids.


Background: Myomectomy during pregnancy is rare, however, for patients with failed response to conservative management (and are ardent at preservation of pregnancy) the need for surgery becomes imperative. This scenario may be common in a dedicated fertility treatment centre; hence the need for proficiency in gravid myomectomy.
Objective: To document our experience with myomectomy during pregnancy.
Methods: Report of three cases of gravid myomectomy is presented. The format of the case series included clinical presentation and surgical management.
Conclusion: Our experience shows that scrupulous adherence to basic surgical  principles of good exposure, minimal tissue handling, speed but careful  closure/hemostasis in addition to judicious post operative care can guarantee a successful pregnancy sparing myomectomy.

Key words: Early pregnancy; infertility; myomectomy; pregnancy loss; uterine fibroids.


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eISSN: 0189-5117