FertilScore: A tool for active management of infertility

  • I Wada
  • N Ameh
  • T Odeku
  • S Hati
Keywords: Active management, FertilScore, infertility, scoring tool


Background: Active management of infertility involves the reduction of the diagnostic workup time for infertility. However, the timing of decision for assisted conception by the couple and medical personnel is often challenging. FertilScore was developed to simplify this decision timing and make the process more objective.

Materials and Methods: A scoring tool was developed using the Delphi method. This involved 3 experts in assisted conception assigning scores to a list of the etiological factors for infertility. The tool was administered to 35 couples presenting to a gynecology clinic and 15 couples who completed the tool on that hospital’s website. Grading for couple’s need for in vitro fertilization (IVF) was low (1–9), moderate (10–14), and high (15–96). The information obtained has been analyzed.

Results: Twenty‑four (48%) couples had low need for IVF, 17 (34%) moderate need, and 9 (18%) high need. Seventeen were true positive and 9 false positive. There was no false negative and 24 were true negatives. The sensitivity of the tool was 100%, specificity 72.7%, positive predictive value 65.4%, negative predictive value 100%, and accuracy 82%.

Conclusion: FertilScore is sensitive at identifying infertile couples that would require IVF and should help in reducing the time and resources deployed to evaluation. The tool would need to be validated in a larger multicenter population.

Keywords: Active management; FertilScore; infertility; scoring tool


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eISSN: 0189-5117