Factors Contributing to Low Uptake of Cervical Screening in a Population at Risk

  • K Adesina
  • R Saidu
  • A Aboyeji
  • A Fawole
  • A Olarinoye
  • K Ibrahim


Introduction: Many factors have been attributed to the unacceptably high incidences of cervical cancer and deaths from cervical cancer in developing countries and include lack of organized cervical cancer screening services and especially lack of information on cervical cancer by women.
Aims and Objectives: This study aims to find the contributing factors to knowledge, attitude and practice of cervical screening in women.
Materials and Methods: This study was carried out using a self  administered questionnaire filled by 271 women who attended gynaecological and family planning clinics.
Results: About 212 (78.2%) of the respondents have heard about cancer before, 144 (53.1%) of respondents were aware that cervical cancer can be prevented by screening. 187 (66.8%) have no idea about the cause of cervical cancer, 64.6% said they wish to be screened, but 242 (89.3%) have never been screened for cervical cancer.
Discussion: The respondents in this study have demonstrated a high level of awareness of cervical cancer but low uptake of cervical cancer screening services. There is therefore the need to improve on the knowledge of the disease and also to pass on correct messages concerning cervical cancer to the community using multiple channels of communication.

Key Words: Cervical Cancer, Screening, Prevention

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eISSN: 0189-5117